Residential Furniture

At Maine Made Furniture we use quality materials to create timeless, solid wood furniture for every room in your home. If you would like your furniture to share a consistent look and feel, or you prefer to change styles from room to room—or you would like to design custom furniture for your home and know it will be made to the highest standard of quality—we are your Makers!

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Commercial Furniture

Whether it is for your restaurant, taproom, storefront, hotel, rental property, ski-lodge or hunting camp, we have you covered. For your boardroom, executive suite, public space or library, Maine Made Furniture is the build-house for your business. Regardless of where your furniture will find its new home, our uncompromising commitment to quality is the common thread.

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Purpose. Place. Craft.

Maine Made Furniture is located in Wilton, Maine, a community deeply rooted in the traditions, values, and history of fine craftsmanship. This connection means designing and building heirloom-quality furniture is in our DNA.
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Because heritage matters.

It is no accident that Maine holds a prominent place in the name of our company. As woodworkers who proudly call the state home, we see ourselves as stewards responsible not only for preserving the craft, but also preserving the place.
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Preserving the heritage of craft.

We do what we do because delivering exceptional quality furniture that will become part of your life—for generations to come—really matters to us. We hope you will make Maine Made Furniture part of your legacy.
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