Every piece of furniture created by Maine Made Furniture Company is handcrafted by a maker with passion for what they do. Each member of our team feels our work is more than a job, it is our vocation.

Table top

We take great pride in creating heirloom-quality furniture for our customers.

Grateful to be here doing what we love.

We never forget our humble beginnings and appreciate the trust placed in us to deliver furniture that will last for generations.

Details matter.

When you look at a piece of Maine Made Furniture we hope you notice one thing in particular: exceptional, handcrafted quality. We focus on the subtle details when we make our furniture—even the ones you can not see—because in the end, every choice matters. We call it furniture integrity.

Meet your furniture makers.

Our talented team of makers gives their all each day. Why? Because we share a passion for building handcrafted furniture with lasting beauty.

We use our hands, tools, and creativity to deliver quality, day in and day out.

Gary Gallant Master Craftsman
Lila Smith Master Chair Maker
Eric Boyle-Wight Controller, Engineer, CNC Programmer/Operator
Jared Smith General Manager; Master Cabinetmaker
Damien Kennedy Furniture Maker
Ernie Edmunds Master Cabinetmaker
Tim Lovett Owner & President